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Dance to Bliss, founded in 2016 with a single spark of loving intention - "Every woman and living creature deserves true bliss". One woman's mission and a few years has turned into a community of like-minded women dancing toward their own unique bliss. And, as long as the flame is burning, the mission will remain: Spark joy, create divine magic, Dance to Bliss and keep going. 


About Nashwa

Nashwa, dance teacher, Dance to Bliss Founder and Creative Director is Japanese-born and Singapore-based. In her early days, Nashwa began exploring the art of oriental dance in her home city Tokyo. In her work she combines her love for fitness with many years of creative directing performing arts. Today she is predominantly teaching dance and self empowerment to a wide-array of women. She has recently added a class for children as well.

In Singapore, Nashwa also works as a creative director in the performing arts community, directing immersive and experimental dance performances for special events, celebrations, festivities and music festivals.


Taught by Mishaal, a renowned dance master of Sacred Earth Mystical Belly Dance at the Devadasi studio in Tokyo, Nashwa nurtured and combined her passion for athletics with dance and has since dedicated her own life path to exploring a vast array of dance modalities, bringing these to the homes and lives of hundreds of women.

With over 15 years’ dance experience, Nashwa’s focus is first and foremost cultivating a thriving dance community of women from around the world, with a base at her beloved Mindful Space studio. It is here where you will find her most days. Nashwa demystifies the ancient art of bellydance - breaking it down, making it accessible and achievable. The Dance to Bliss community cultivates a safe and supported environment for women to come together to honour themselves, get strong, learn new techniques, feel confident and empowered to shine in all facets of their lives. Nashwa will tell you that her passion today is to teach and she proudly holds the first and only DATURA STYLE™ (by Rachel Brice) Tribal Fusion dance teacher certification in South Asia.

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