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Postponed / KOMOREBI RETREAT - 2D1N retreat Thursday & Friday, 30th Sep & 1st Oct-

Please note that this event is postponed due to new Covid-19 restriction. Deep dive into free movement, connection, nature and more... Collaboration with Secret Sunrise Singapore and Cosmic dance

Tickets Are Not on Sale
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Postponed / KOMOREBI RETREAT - 2D1N retreat Thursday & Friday, 30th Sep & 1st Oct-
Postponed / KOMOREBI RETREAT - 2D1N retreat Thursday & Friday, 30th Sep & 1st Oct-


2021年9月30日 19:00 GMT+8

Singapore, 20 Labrador Villa Rd, Singapore 119193



Komorebi means "Sunlight that filters through the leaves of trees..."

Take a deep breath and be in the moment.

Appreciate little sparks and joy around you.

It's time to reconnect with yourself.

Hi , my name is Nashwa. I am one of the facilitators for this Komorebi retreat.

Our intention for Komorebi retreat is to create an extraordinary experience

(we have one ceremony and two movement sessions!) 

yet to keep an abundance of space and time for yourself to deeply relax and rest

at an urban sanctuary in Singapore, Villa Samadhi.

Wellcome to our Komorebi retreat

-Komorebi retreat program-

Cacao ceremony

30th 17:30 - 18:20

*Open for full package participants only

SUNSET : Secret Sunrise session

SEP 30th THU 18:30 - 20:00

*Open for full package participants only

SUNRISE : Cosmic dance featuring Mind of cosmos

OCT 1st FRI 6:30 - 9:00

*Single ticket is also available

- Details for each session -

SUNSET : Cacao ceremony

*Open for full package participants only

The sacred plant medicine of the cacao bean has been used in rituals and ceremonies for millennia, defining our human connection to earth, our tribes and to ourselves.

Recently, it has become popular due to it’s healing properties and ability to unite and connect people in circle.

In the ceremonies that I hold, I bring in meditation, deep connection to the Goddess ixCacao, to music and to mother earth. Through a mindful cacao drinking process and movement using inspiring music, I give people the space to feel safe, held and connected to immense power of divine feminine and masculine energy.

SUNSET : Secret Sunrise session

One of the most accessible ways for people to experience the juicy feelings of connection, dance and mindful movement, no matter their age, body type, fitness level, vocation or mindset.

Celebrating our connection to nature, our bodies and to community, using wireless headsets, skilled and qualified facilitators guide you through an inspiring playlist that encompass mindfulness, playfulness, fun, and dance.

These are beautiful tools to help us feel grounded, connect to our breath and body, to improve of physical, mental and emotional health, to connect to others and to celebrate the joy of life and movement.

Sunrise: Cosmic dance featuring Mind of cosmos

Join us on an excursion into your consciousness with movement and audio — explore the nuances of wakefulness, dream states and everything in between.

Cosmic dance is mind-blowing spirit-lifting intuitive movement journey by movement facilitator, Nashwa. From silent and dark moment before sunrise, you will be gently guided into the awakening of your body, mind and soul using breath, touch and movements. This collective universal dance flow will lead you to experience an ecstatic oneness of the feminine and masculine - merging the energies of Yin & Yang within your body and open up for intimacy with yourself and others(optional). No dance experience is needed.

Curated by Mind of Cosmos, audio accompanying the dance session will further enhance your experience. We will end the session with a blissful sound bath using live instrumental music, monaural beats layered with ambient and nature sounds to guide you into a deep, state of relaxation! “

*This event is open for fully vaccinated participants. Please kindly be noted.


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